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Profiles and Main Menu

I have a problem. The Main Menu of my game is an AC scene with a menu with the source in Unity UI in scene.
My problem ´s a bit rare. Because first of all, i have a New Game with 3 empty profiles. Othe menu i have its to set up and change the language. Well when i change language everything change, that good. The problem ´s when i select one of the 3 empty profiles the change doesn´t work, immediately i select to change to the language of the beginning or the default language. 

Better a video to show what i want to said. Sorry, i know this week im more annoying than other times i have a deadline and the QA it´s founding a lot of bugs. So i think i will posting some bugs :)


  • The game's options data (language, volumes etc) are all set per-profile - that's really the point of the profiles feature, so that different players don't interfere with each others games.

    If you only want one save per profile, and no difference in options between them, it may be easier to just stick to one profile and save/load specific slots within that profile.

    But if you want to continue with multiple profiles, and them share the same language, you can do this by manually updating the language all non-active profiles when the player changes the language via the OnChangeLanguage custom event:

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