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Player in new scene not spawning at PlayerStart

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Really strange issue - when I switch from one scene to another, my Player prefab always spawns at the same position that he was standing at in the previous scene as he switches to a new scene.  I don't want the player to spawn at all in this particular scene, so I put the PlayerStart marker far from the camera.  No matter what I do, though, he spawns in the same position and won't spawn at the PlayerStart in the scene.

I don't use "Position Player relative to marker" in my Scene Switch.

Is there somewhere else that a spawned player's location is defined?


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    Could you post some images to illustrate, both of the scene itself and the Scene Manager?  I'll also need to know the following:
    1. In which versions of both AC and Unity?
    2. Is the distant PlayerStart listed as the default in the Scene Manager?
    3. Are any other PlayerStart objects present in the scene?  If so, AC will look for the most appropriate to use (based on their Inspector settings) when switching scene - and only rely on the default if none more appropriate is found.
    4. Does this occur if you begin the game from this scene?
    5. Does this occur in all scenes or just one in particular?
    6. Are you relying on local Player objects in either of the two scenes?
    7. Do you have any "Remember" components attached to your prefab?
    8. Any relevant messages in the Console?
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