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Enabled or disabled action

I've been looking and it seems there used to be a feature of enabling and disabling availiable actionlist actions. Yet it seems to be removed/discarded? Is that right?


  • Actions can be disabled via the cog menu within the Inspector.
  • Ah I see thats what those parts are for. Which probably brings me to another feature request. Would it be possible to 'hide' actions in ActionsManager? That is they would work as before, but when adding a new action they would be absent from the dropdown menus (maybe introduce a separate category which houses all the 'hidden' actions). This would be very useful when working together with other projects. For example, when using Dialgoue System, it would make sense to hide native AC play speech action for a more smooth workflow and would reduce the error risk, especially when multiple people work on the project, where some of them are only event designers.

  • It's an option that was actually present but removed some time ago because of its instability.  Such a feature needs to work 100%, because of how critical ActionLists are to a project.  I'll revisit it, but can't make a guarantee.
  • edited August 2018
    Yeah I can imagine. Part of why I was thinking about the option, where those options only appear in separate 'Hidden' category of actions, to hopefully minimize the impact on the functionality itself and get them out of the way at the same time. But I can only speculate, since I haven't dug in into that part of AC system. Anyway best of luck, hopefully you can come up with something both usable and something that doesn't affect the actual functionality of ActionLists.
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