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Building the verb / command

When I pickup an item from Inventory and then hover it over another item or hotspot, the interaction just says the name of the Hotspot. I would prefer it to show the verb/action that you are trying to action, ie Use x on y.

I have an empty bowl and a box of cornflakes. If I pickup the cornflakes, the interaction text changes to "Cornflakes". When I hover over the bowl, it changes to "Empty bowl".

It should say "Use Cornflakes in Empty bowl".

It's probably obvious, but I searched the Manual for "Verb", "Command", "Use" and couldn't find what I was looking for.

Anybody have any thoughts?

I have created a Combine action for the two items that creates a "Bowl of Cornflakes". The action works fine, just the verb/action that's not descriptive.

Thanks in advance


  • As in, the same way the 3D Demo changes label when selecting the prop sword?

    In the Cursor Manager, set your When inventory selected field to Change Cursor And Hotspot Label.

    You can define the "Use" and "on" syntax beneath globally, and per-item in each item's properties in the Inventory Manager.
  • Ha! It was that simple... Doh! Thank you :)
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