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Subtitles distort


Every now and then my subtitles distort. Is there anything that would cause this. My game is not memory intensive and scenes load instantly.

See picture here:





  • Just curious, is the canvas for your subtitles too small perhaps? Are they being cropped when they are too big to fit?
  • What are your AC/Unity version numbers, and what's the Menu's Source?  Let's see some screenshots of its properties.
  • AC 1.64.5
    Unity 2018.2.8f1
    But this has been happening for past few version of both.

  • Both what - Source options?  They use two completely different methods to display text, so the issues would then likely be coincidental.

    Are you relying on speech scrolling?

    I'll see if I can recreate the issue with AC, but it's far more recommended to use Unity UI and rely on Content Size Fitter component(s) to have the UI reshape it to suit.

    With the AC Source option, it seems related to the "Auto-adjust height to fit?" option, which doesn't seem necessary for you given that your Menu has no background.
  • Both versions of Unity and AC. No speech scrolling.
  • If I turn off  "Auto-adjust height to fit?" all the subtitles Arte fear lower down and overlap with the characters
  • I am also using Speech Menu Placement Child for all characters
  • edited September 2018
    I have bumped in to this as well, ever since I started using AC about half a year ago or so. Never been able to solve it reliably.

    If the recommended way to do this is to use Unity UI rather than AC, a guide for how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated for those of us new to Unity :)
  • @kloot: Each of AC's default Menus have a "Unity UI" equivalent provided - just change the Source option to Unity Ui Prefab and you'll have access to it, which you can modify to suit.

    A tutorial on switching to Unity UI from scratch can be found here, and details are also given in the Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter.  However, that these do assume a working knowledge of how Unity's UI system works - so you should refer to Unity's own documentation beforehand if you're unfamiliar.
  • @jamesfootlight: Your menu's Position and Size settings are such that it'll be positioned underneath their "target".  Look at the Menu in Preview mode - you should see that the icon in the centre of the screen is above the top of the Menu.

    Regardless of whether you use a speech placement child or not, this means the menu will always display underneath where you intend - the Menu is repositioned by moving it relative to that icon, i.e. the icon is placed at the speaking point, and the Menu keeps the same relative position to it.

    Regarding the text cutting off, I cannot recreate.  It may be due to the font you're using.  Does it occur if you switch back to the Demo's font, Chunkfive?
  • Than's for the info on how to switch to Unity UI, looks pretty neat.

    I sent you an "inbox message" with a link to a repro displaying the text being clipped using the ChunkFive font.
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