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NPC walking from point to point?

Hello, I created a NPC but how to animate him from point to point? Does AC has a waypoint system?


  • Have you looked at the demo games? They showcase most of the features really well and you can also pick them apart, alter things and generally practice. I would also recommend going through the manual looking for information like this. To answer your question, yes it does have a waypoint system and its really good. :) I'm using it to make a 3D game and the Navmarkers are crucial to getting your NPCs moving around and interacting. I hope that helps? Kev
  • I watched the 3d tutorial video with the unity adventure but there is nothing about move a npc on a path. ok I look more.
  • Good it working :D Thank you
  • Don't feel you can't ask questions, the forum is here to help :). I found Chris' tutorial on converting the unity 3D adventure into AC really really useful. It basically covers every single basic function you'd need for a 3D point and click graphic adventure with commercial quality assets. It's quite satisfying. I'd strongly recommend going through that one. Kev
  • Please see the Manual's "Character movement" chapter, which covers the two ways in which characters can move - either dynamically pathfinding to a particular point, or walking along a pre-set Paths object made in the scene.
  • is it possible to have a NPC walk towards me without paths? So it does not matter where I walk, he still walks to me?
  • That's dynamic pathfinding.
  • cool thanks
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