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So... Unity 5

It's coming out at some at point, whether this year who knows. However the beta is available already.

So any ideas yet of the impact on people working with Adventure Creator? Would current AC projects work with it?


  • I tested it today, all works fine.
  • I for one am quite interested in how the new GUI might work with AC. It's obviously a major overhaul though so I hope it isn't too large a task to be dealt with anytime sooner rather than later
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    Glad to hear Unity 5 works with AC, thanks.  I've been rolling out the necessary script changes I hear about with the past few updates.

    I do plan to implement support for it at some level, though the exact extent isn't decided yet.  My intent is to give users a choice over "AC UI" vs "Unity UI" on a per-menu basis.  Similar to AC's implementation of Legacy vs Mecanim, I'd like the Unity UI to be more "developer-side", giving them more control over it's behaviour.

  • "I tested it today, all works fine"

    Cool! Thanks for testing it. Good to hear you've got the long roadmap in mind too Chris.
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