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A first-person 2d game: question from potential buyer

Hi everybody!
I've just registered on the forum.
I'm looking for a tool that allows me to make point'n'click adventure games, and I think I've found the right one in Adventure Creator!
But I have a question before purchasing: is that possible to make a 2D adventure where the character is not visible? A sort of 2D first person game? If yes, what tutorial should I watch, among the ones provided on this site?
Thank you!


  • Hi there and welcome to the forum. Yes it's quite easy to achieve that. You would place your Player off scene somewhere so it can't be seen. Then when creating the actions for your hotspots, just neglect to add any kind of Walk To as part of the action. That way actions will be performed instantly. I hope that helps. Kev
  • Thank you very much for the hint! So the tutorial I should watch is the one named "Making a 2D game", am I right? (I'm talking about the one found in the "tutorials" section of AC's website)
  • Yes absolutely. That's a great starting point.
  • Thank you!
  • Welcome to the community, @Nirag.

    A Player is not technically necessary for an AC game to function.  The 2D tutorial is indeed recommended as the starting point for all AC newcomers (especially those new to Unity), but you can skip over anything that relates to the Player if you wish.  Hotspots, Inventory, Variables etc all still apply.

    You may also be interested in this script I wrote on the AC wiki, which allows for 2D first-person navigation - in the form of dedicated "left", "right", "forward", etc buttons in the style of e.g. the original Myst.
  • Thank you very much!!!
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