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NPC Highlight turnoff


When hovering over an NPC to give them an object to start a cutscene, it can sometimes occur that the NPC highlight effect stays on throughout. Is there away to send a message to disable to the highlight at the beginning of the cutscene?




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    As usual, Unity and AC version numbers please.

    More detail is needed.  By "give them an object to start a cutscene", you mean running an Inventory interaction on their Hotspot?  How is the interaction triggered - by dropping an item onto them or choosing one from an Interaction menu?

    You say it sometimes occurs - so does it always happen for one NPC and not others, or sometimes happens for all NPCs and sometimes doesn't for the same ones?

    The Highlight effect should disable as long as the game enters Cutscene mode - can you confirm this is the case via the AC Status box?

    Let's see screenshots of the Hotspot, Highlight and Settings Manager.
  • HI.

    1. Dropping an item onto the NPC

    2. Happens everytime for this NPC in this scene

    3. It is an interaction tat runs, set to run in background, but with engine: Manage Systems set to disable movement and interaction

    See screenshots requested:
  • If it's running in the background, that'd be why.

    Use the Object: Call event Action to run the relevant Highlight component's HighlightOffInstant method.
  • Solved! thanks
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