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Pause menu works with only AC source and not Unity UI prefab?

I noticed the Pause menu does not work if it's set to Unity UI prefab, but does work if set to Adventure Creator. Is this unavoidable or there is some setting that can be tweaked to make it work?


  • It appears all menus set to Unity UI Prefab are currently not interactive. I've checked to see if there's something I needed to toggle to make them responsive, yet to find anything.
  • In what AC/Unity versions?

    There shouldn't be any issue with UI menus.  What exactly is the issue?  Are they not turning on, or not clickable?  Or are they clickable (i.e. button colour changes etc), but have no effect?

    Are you relying on your own Menus/Canvas prefabs, or the default set?  The 3D Demo game's Menus all have UI counterparts, that you can test out: set your Menu Manager asset file to Demo_MenuManager and try changing the Pause Menu's Source to Unity Ui Prefab.  Does that work as intended?  If so, there may be some issue with your own - in which case, please share images of your Menu's properties as well as the Canvas Inspector?
  • If your Canvas is set to World Space, use "Unity UI In Scene" mode.  See the Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter for more.
  • Thanks Chris, your input helped me target my debugging better.
    To answer your questions:
    *I'm currently using Unity2018.2.8f1 and AC1.65.1
    *The menus were turning on but not clickable
    *I'm using my own menus / canvas prefabs, though they are simple edits of the default ones.
    *I went ahead to try the demo scene (to test in a different scene in case something in my scene was responsible for breaking the menus) with the demo menu manager like you suggested, it turns out the menus were clickable, BOTH when set to Unity UI in Scene and Unity UI Prefabs (not sure why, given the stated preference in the manual which you referenced for using Unity UI In Scene when canvas is set to worldspace - which is the case here). 

    I went back to my scene and made sure the UI Prefabs and AC menu settings were identical and determined the issue was something else in my scene. I would have missed it, but luckily I thought to have a look at one of the warnings that had been turning up in the console, but had ignored for the time being, assuming they were non critical. 

    The one that read thus was the culprit: "A local EventSystem object was found in the scene.  This will override the one created by AC, and may cause problems.  A custom EventSystem prefab can be assigned in the Menu Manager."

    I dragged the EventSystem object in question into an asset folder to make a prefab of it, deleted it from the scene and assigned it in the Menu Manager as suggested. That solved it for me. In my scene, the menus are now clickable, BOTH when set to Unity UI in Scene and Unity UI Prefab.

    Many thanks.
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