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Character/object variables?

I've been looking in the manual and forum for this but can characters or objects have variables? For instance, if a character has a gender variable, an unhandled give interaction could say "I don't think [gender]'d want that" and it would dynamically change it to "she'd" or "he'd"; either that or a per-character variable could be checked and the relevant branch of dialogue could be played. Sorry if this is really obvious but I couldn't see anything that allowed for per object variables?


  • If a feature is not in the Manual, then it's not in AC.  Once again, custom events allow you to extend functionality in cases like this.

    An unhandled interaction with a GameObject parameter can have that parameter set to the Hotspot that it's run for.  Therefore, if you attach a script with gender data to that Hotspot, you can hook into the OnBeginActionList event, read that parameter's value to get the gender data, and update a separate String parameter accordingly.
  • An alternative solution, and one that doesn't require any scripting (but will require a wait) is to use the new "Object: Check tag" Action that will be coming in v1.66.

    This Action can check what a GameObject is tagged with, so you could tag your NPCs up as e.g. Male / Female, and have your interaction assets display "he"/"she" speech accordingly.  This too can be parameterised, so checking the Hotspot GameObject parameter can be done procedurally.
  • That would be awesome! I can think of several uses for an object tag that can affect an actionlist's branch, so that'll be really useful, thanks! (Btw, I always read your responses, I just don't response myself unless I need to bother you as I know how busy you are! ;) )
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