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Animation Engine Error - Locks up Game and Unity

This is related to the system I previously posted about here: Though it is in a different room/s that contain a single song each. Here, they don't boot you to the previous song when failed, it just runs the fail action (then the player can choose to attempt the song again or walk way). The setup is essentially the same otherwise. 

Unity 2018.2.9f1 (64-bit) and AC 1.65.0

The issue: If you keep failing a song, multiple times in succession (more than three times?), the game freezes / completely locks up. This occurs when you attempt to start a song again, after the multiple fails. If I'm in Unity, that also locks up and I have to force close. When playing in the build, after this happens, if I try to open the output_log file it is unresponsive (file will not open). In engine, I can see a warning in the console:  "Could not create animation engine!". 

Failing the song once or twice, everything works as it should. So I don't think it's an error with the actionList system. I've been poking at this for a while but since it locks everything up, it's difficult to figure out. Any help or suggestions are much appreciated!


  • Please post the error message in full, including the stacktrace beneath.  Was this with the modifications I suggested in our PMs?

    Whatever the cause, the recreation of it is entirely unique to your game - once again, I'll need to experience it for myself.  Please see about creating another test scene/project with steps to reproduce.
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