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Adventure Creator + Dialogue System

Maybe I'm not enough experienced with Adventure Creator / Dialogue System and this might be a silly question, but I would like to hear what kind of benefits Dialogue System brings, if I integrate it to Adventure Creator? From my experience Adventure Creator can handle dialogue, localization, saving etc just fine - the same features that are also in Dialogue System.

Does Dialogue System do something better? Does it have some useful features Adventure Creator is missing?


  • Welcome to the community, @deadomen.

    I'll leave it for others to weigh up the pros and cons between the two, but certainly AC by itself is enough to handle dialogue, localisation, speech audio etc.

    One stand-out feature of DS is that, as a dedicated dialogue asset, it is able to link with e.g. Chat Mapper and articy:draft - which is particularly helpful for projects that involve large teams.

  • I'm using dialogue system, mostly because I'm writing with articy draft.
    It can do some neat things also, like sequences (so you can basically have a camera sequence for each character), barks, changing the UI pretty seamlessly, and has a vast array of integrations.
    But it's simpler to just use AC dialogue, it's solid as a rock.

  • Thanks for the reply! I'm just starting with AC, so maybe I will just stick with its' dialogue system and try not to make anything too complicated with it.

    Maybe this is little bit offtopic, but how easy it is to change visual style of the dialogue UI (and why not in interaction in generally) in AC? If I want to make, let's say, dialogue looking like in The Pillars of the Earth or The Walking Dead, does it require coding or can these done by modifying the settings?

  • The UI system is completely customisable from a visual standpoint - see the Manual's "Menus overview" and menu tutorials.

    Menus in AC generally have two rendering modes: Adventure Creator (built-in) and Unity UI. The AC mode is quick-and-easy to change, since all visual properties are listed in the Menu Manager, and you get a live preview via the Game window.

    Unity UI offers more control options, however, and is recommended for "final" visual design while AC is best for rapid-prototyping. Each of the provided default menus can be used in both modes.

    A provided example that emulates the Walking Dead interface can be found on the Downloads page.

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