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Adventure Creator + Dialogue System

Maybe I'm not enough experienced with Adventure Creator / Dialogue System and this might be a silly question, but I would like to hear what kind of benefits Dialogue System brings, if I integrate it to Adventure Creator? From my experience Adventure Creator can handle dialogue, localization, saving etc just fine - the same features that are also in Dialogue System.

Does Dialogue System do something better? Does it have some useful features Adventure Creator is missing?


  • Welcome to the community, @deadomen.

    I'll leave it for others to weigh up the pros and cons between the two, but certainly AC by itself is enough to handle dialogue, localisation, speech audio etc.

    One stand-out feature of DS is that, as a dedicated dialogue asset, it is able to link with e.g. Chat Mapper and articy:draft - which is particularly helpful for projects that involve large teams.

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