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Project Autumn - Action RPG using AC as a base

The more I muck about with AC the more amazed I am at how flexible it is. I'm a seriously basic coder and the base Chris has set up has allowed me to utilise that basic coding to create a full fledged Action RPG with enemy AI, ATB, status, relationship and combo systems integrated.

You can check out my Twitter to keep up with how it's going. Here's the latest with a gif of the combo system up and running.


  • Yeah I know what you mean, I'm in the same boat with regards to programming/coding knowledge. The things that AC allows you to do seem only limited by what you can dream up.

    This looks great though, I'll definitely be following your progress with this!

  • cool. looking good

    one of my own aims (when i've finished my current ongoing projects) is to eventually create an action RPG using AC as a base, so i'd be interested to know how you tackled things like tracking actor stats and relationships and all the other stuff that AC doesn't really do out of the box

  • Very cool! Agreed, I'm sure many would be interested in an overview on how you merged such mechanics into AC.

  • Hey thanks for the kind words and sorry for not responding. I'll try to write something up tomorrow :smile:

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    I had big hoop dreams to write up something in December, but such is life! I've got a spare ten minutes and remembered this forum post. So, here's the short version of how I did it:

    • Write a script full of beautiful variables like damage, fire protection etc with some functions that calculate stuff like damage - fire protection.
    • Write an AI Script that has a basic state machine (i.e. "I want to attack", "I am poisoned", "I have been hit"). Have that state machine call a certain action list asset when that characters turn is up in combat.
    • Write custom actions for these actions lists. The base actions provided by AC make this really, really easy so long as you understand what an 'enum' is (Unity have a handy tutorial on enums on their site btw)
    • Plop your AI script on your character and watch magic unfold

    Obviously there's more to it than that, but honestly the basic Action List script templates are so amazingly customisable. You will only really need to know the following coding concepts to make some amazing stuff:

    • Functions
    • enums
    • Lists
    • The GUILayout function

    And there are great examples of all of these in the existing base Action List script templates that Chris has provided with AC (always backup before duplicating an Action List Script template, as it's super easy to accidentally work on the original).

    I wish I had time to write something way more in depth for everyone, but I've been booked at an Expo to show off the game and it's all chaos (keep an eye on my twitter for an update about that soonish).

    Once all this drama is over and done with I will take the time to sit down for a couple of hours and really dig into the ins and outs of it.

    For a quick example of what can be achieved , I have made a fire breathing dragon attack using exclusively the following:

    • A custom animation action based off an AC template
    • An invisible cone collider on the dragon's face
    • A custom action based off of the Send Message template that turns on the fire
    • An custom action list on the cone itself that triggers the poor recipient of the fire to take damage when the flame hits them.
    • Here's a link to it: click here for flaming friendos.

    Good luck with your games friends, and thank you Chris for making this amazing product. I'm not even being slightly hyperbolic when I say that my game would not exist in it's current form without you!

    (Please excuse any typos above, it's pretty late here in the UK)

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    Still going with this. Showed it off at EGX recently and had an awesome time doing so.

    Heading to DreamHack in June to show a new area of the game: the Mimic House quest. One of the guild's in the game is a pest control union. Of course in a fantasy world pest control is a little more... interesting...

    I keep forgetting to update here and I'll make more of an effort to do so! Feel free to follow me on Twitter for more regular bits and bobs:

    Cheers for reading!

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    This is amazing! Definitely gonna follow you on Twitter and keep a track of your progress. I released Rainswept in Feb using AC, bu my eventual dream is to make an RPG someday. As someone with zero coding knowledge at the moment, it's exciting to read that this can be done with a little bit of understanding of programming!

    Edit: Oh damn, I think you were at Rezzed this year weren't you? I was there too! Definitely should've talked to you! Oh well :)

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