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How to create a menu slider for cursor speed?

Hi guys.

Anyone know how to create a menu slider for speed of cursor? Would be eternally grateful!


  • A tutorial on custom options can be found here.

    Before you attempted to make it an option, however, you would need to determine how you can change it yourself in the Editor. If your Input method is set to Mouse And Keyboard, then the cursor position is set by the mouse position - there's no "speed" involved.

    If its set to Keyboard Or Controller, then your cursor is affected by the CursorHorizontal and CursorVertical inputs, which can be mapped to the mouse cursor but will account for the Cursor Move Speed field on the GameEngine's PlayerInput component.

  • So there is no way to just speed it up using code, forgetting the slider issue?

  • edited December 2018

    I explained above how to do just that. You can also override the mouse position yourself, through code, by hooking into the InputMousePositionDelegate function - see the Manual's "Remapping inputs" chapter.

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