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Using the 3D-demo character in the 2D-demo scene

Hello all!

I want to use a 3D model at 2D backgrounds. I've read this topic: and tried to use the 3D-demo character in the 2D-demo scene for starters.

I've set the Player setting to the Tin Pot and removed the Rigidbody and the Capsule Collider components from it. With 2.5D camera perspective Tin Pot moves only left and right, so I stick to the simple 2D perspective and it works just fine. Tin Pot at the scene moves in any direction, NavMesh is restricting his move area, animations play well, Sorting Map changes his scale and so on. But there are two problems:
1) Prefab's preview shows robot with a material and a texture:

But on the scene he looks like this, always completely dark:

All the maps and the material are set:

I thought the model needs a light source and added several types of light to the scene with no effect. But actually I want just static light so the 3D model will have the same lighted texture at any point of the scene.

2) At some places of the scene some parts of Tin Pot dissapear:

My guess was it depends on the camera Z-position, I tried to change it to different values, but no luck.

Could you please help me?

My Unity version is: Unity 2018.2.18f1 (64-bit)
Adventure Creator version: 1.65.2



  • Welcome to the community, @Neurosaur.

    1. The scene will indeed need light in order to see the model properly - check that they're bright/close enough to the player, and in front of the background sprite.

    To have him show the same "lit" texture, you should look into changing his material's shader to e.g. Unlit Textured, which has no need for lighting. This is a general Unity practice, however - not anything specific to AC.

    1. He's actually clipping with the background sprite here, which you can move further along the Z-axis to prevent intefering with the Player.
  • Thank you very much, Chris! Worked like a charm!

    And many thanks to you for the Adventure Creator, it's incredibly powerful!

    For such Unity newbies like me, there is an unlit texture shader:

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