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Opsive UCC

I saw that there is now an integration script for use with Opsive's new Ultimate Character Controller (or the separate assets within that). However, I followed the instructions and I'm not sure how to get it to work with a point & click game with the Third Person Controller - the character doesn't respond to mouse clicks and I can't switch to other AC cameras.
I'm guessing the integration only covers direct-controlled games?


  • The AC wiki script is, yes. Opsive provide their own integration script specfically for TPC, however (or at least they did). I shall contact them to check up on the state of this.

  • @Deckard_89 - see this test integration script written by Opsive:

    It adds AC movement as an Ability - how does that fare?

  • Hmm, can't quite get it going just yet.

    I added the new ability to the character (AdventureCreatorMovement) then moved it up the ability hierarchy list, and set the AC player Animation Engine to Custom, but there seems to be no effect, unless I'm missing something?

    I can't switch cameras, the character does not respond to cursor clicks (nav mesh is baked), or go to points defined in triggers/interactions.

  • As I understand it, this is just to have AC direct a character along an AC path, not to control e.g. cursor/camera. Try it on an NPC.

  • Okay I have an npc moving between points, and also following the player, but it's very unstable, and often causes the character to start spinning wildly as they try and circle their destination for some reason. Hilarious to look at, but not really what I'm going for.

    Opsive's old version had an integration script that allowed AC to "take over" when you needed it to and also switch cameras. It could only be used for your player character though, It could not work with NPCs (or at least not AC NPCs).

    They'll probably do the same for the new version eventually but I think they're about to release a new update for their controller soon.

  • I've recieved an updated script from Opsive. If you can, please test this one:

  • No luck I'm afraid. I also get this quite often:

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    AdventureCreatorMovement.OnEnterGameState (GameState newGameState) (at Assets/Prospector_Odyssey/AdventureCreatorMovement.cs:75)
    AC.EventManager.Call_OnChangeGameState (GameState oldGameState) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Managers/EventManager.cs:152)
    AC.StateHandler.Update () (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/StateHandler.cs:385)

    At one point, the player character started violently shaking and twisting like something out of Jacob's Ladder. I did get an NPC to proceed to walk between markers through an OnStart cutscene, though he ended up spinning around his destination point again.

    Do you or Opsive have it working at all on your end?

  • Not me - these changes to UCC/UFPS are quite beyond me at the moment.

    I can see what the problem with the script is, though - try this:

  • Thanks that's removed the script error.

    Meanwhile enjoy this exclusive footage of my new game;
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  • edited June 19

    The link is down.
    Also, I have a problem with the AC integration.
    It seems that when the AC managers are on the scene the mouse doesn't react as quickly as it does by default with TPC, any ideas why that might be ?
    EDIT: Had to lock cursor on AC settings. It seems that the camera movement is kinda jittery though.

  • Which camera? An AC GameCamera, MainCamera or TPC Camera?

  • edited June 20

    TPC camera with a basic camera script.
    It seems a TPC problem though.

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