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Two small problems with Draggables (both solved) (kinda)

1) I couldn't at first see how to make it so that Draggables couldn't be dragged when the Player isn't even anywhere near them (apologies for the triple negative), but I eventually found "Moveable Ray Length" in Raycast Settings. Just a thought, but I think it might be nice if there was a Draggable equivalent to the Hotspot "Interactive Boundary", which could then be used on a per-object basis

2) Although it's possible to show an Icon when the Player is actually dragging an object, there doesn't appear to be a simple way to indicate to him that he CAN drag the object in the first place. I've got round the issue by adding a dummy Hotspot to the Draggable just to display an icon when the cursor is over it, although it seems like a wee bit of a kludgy fix which might usefully be incorporated into the Drag Method itself


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