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PUBG mobile style controll system tutorial request.

Hello @ChrisIceBox
I need a tutorial for mobile control system..
(I want to make PUBG Mobile style control system,there is Joystick on Left
For Character movement and swipe (Up,Down,Left,Right) touch screen for
look around Camera movement)So ,i try it..That closed..but there is one problem..
I used joystick"Simple touch controller asset " for character movement and
AC drag controlled check mark on for Camera movement.But i can't controll
Both simultaneously..
When i use joystick for character forward ,screen drag controlled not work correctly..
either way for drag controlled..
Help me plz,anyone known how to make PUBG Mobile style controlled system with AC?
Thank you so much
And really sorry for my bad english.


  • A general tutorial on integrating a joystick into AC can be found here.

    I'm not familiar with PUBG's mobile control style, so you'll need to be clear about what it is you're trying to do.

    You also mention using another asset, but you'll need to give more detail about what you have so far. Are you referring to this wiki script?

    This is an example script - you'll need to extend it to incorporate other axes, e.g. "CameraHorizontal" / "CursorVertical", such as:

    If you're referring to the "drag" option on AC's Third Person GameCamera, you should uncheck it and rely on Unity inputs to rotate it. You can then rely on your custom asset to control those inputs.

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