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Anyone else have trouble loading AC with newest Unity?

Hi, since 2018.3 Adventure Creator won't be loaded for some reason as all scripts say "The associated script cannot be loaded", the dockers/windows of the plugin are missing too. Tried deleting library, resetting packages, new project, new Unity installation, nothing works. Do you guys have any leads about this?


  • I'm not getting that issue at all so I'm not quite sure what it could be. Is this a fresh install of AC or are you importing into an existing project?

  • Be sure to use the latest AC release - if you're using an old version, it may not be compatible with Unity 2018.3, since the recent releases have introduced necessary upgrades to add compatibility.

    What messages appear in the Console? Please post error messages in full.

    It's latest version of Unity with the latest AC. The errors are really weird - they are just a red icon without description. There is no difference if it's a new project or existing one.

  • These only showed after the AC import, and you have no other assets/packages loaded?

    It may well be that this is a Unity bug - try downgrading to 2018.2. If you double-click on an error, does an AC script open in MonoBehaviour?

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