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Issues with turn to face

edited February 2019 in Technical Q&A

So I've set up a look at interaction on a small hotspot, the interaction has the character facing the object when the interaction is used.
When my character is standing to the right of the hotspot and uses said look interaction - she will correctly turn to face it (no matter which direction she was before), however if she stands clearly to the left of the same object, with no overlap between the character and the hotspot, she will actually turn AWAY from its direction when using the same look interaction... and when standing realllllllly far to the left of the same hotspot and using the look interaction than the character turns in the correct direction again.
What could be the cause for this behavior?


  • Please share more details. Is this a 2D or a 3D character, and in what AC/Unity versions?

    Let's see some screenshots of the issue and Inspectors involved.

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