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Issues with turn to face

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So I've set up a look at interaction on a small hotspot, the interaction has the character facing the object when the interaction is used.
When my character is standing to the right of the hotspot and uses said look interaction - she will correctly turn to face it (no matter which direction she was before), however if she stands clearly to the left of the same object, with no overlap between the character and the hotspot, she will actually turn AWAY from its direction when using the same look interaction... and when standing realllllllly far to the left of the same hotspot and using the look interaction than the character turns in the correct direction again.
What could be the cause for this behavior?


  • Please share more details. Is this a 2D or a 3D character, and in what AC/Unity versions?

    Let's see some screenshots of the issue and Inspectors involved.

  • Hi all,
    Hope it's not bad etiquette to bump this old thread, but I'm having the exact same problem so it seemed neater than starting a new one.
    I'm very new to both AC and Unity. I'm creating a 2D game, and have been through the tutorial a couple of times with no issues. What I'm now doing is going through it again but with my own graphics etc to try and understand things in a more general way.
    I've got to the hotspots part, and have created a Use Interaction with my tree-substitute, the pillar, and added a Player action Turn To Face. It seems to work okay unless the player is standing to the left of it, in which case he faces UL, does the dialogue, and THEN turns UR and the game continues.
    Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Unity version: 2019.4.18f1
    AC version: 1.73.8


  • Welcome to the community, @StinkyLomax.

    Can you share a screenshot of the Use Interaction's ActionList? The Player shouldn't be changing direction after the dialogue during the sequence unless commanded to via another Action.

    Are you using frame-flipping on your Player, or do each of the diagonal directions have their own animation?

    To help pin down the source of the problem, it will be helpful to know if this occurs with the 2D Demo's Player character or not. If you grab him from /Assets/AdventureCreator/2DDemo/Resources/Brain2D, place him in the scene and disable your own Player if they are also in the scene.

    Placing Brain in the scene will override any Player you have assigned in the Settings Manager, so running the scene should then cause him to become the new Player. Does the issue still occur with him?

  • By asking about the diagonal animations, you pointed me to my error - when originally making my animation frames, I had saved my UL ones as the UR ones without remembering to flip them first. face palm

    Thanks for the help and for an awesome plugin!

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