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Turn-based 2D RPG Battle system

I'm looking for a simple battle system to integrate into my 2D RPG. I've got a lot of my project set up but I need a way to contest enemies once puzzles are solved. I'm just learning to code but I'm only looking for something simple, that could be fairly straight forward to integrate with AC. I understand AC is mainly for adventure games but any info would really help me out!


  • Welcome to the community, @DrDoback.

    More than mainly, I'm afraid - AC is intended purely for adventure games. If you're looking to create a turn-based RPG battle system, I really wouldn't recommend trying to do so with AC. You'll spend a lot of time relying on complex ActionList logic and Variables, when a custom script or third-party asset would be much more appropriate.

    AC can still integrate with such a system, if you want to make use of it for gameplay more suited to it - see the Manual's "Integrating other gameplay" chapter for more details.

    I would recommend, however, getting such a system working separately before attempting to tie it together.

  • Thanks alot for the reply Chris, I've decided to go for QTE in lieu of the TBS and maybe ill come back to it in the future, once I've learnt a bit more!

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