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Your Future Self - a time loop conversation-em-up with a unique conversational "battle" mechanic

After starting to learn how to use Unity and Adventure Creator from scratch a year and a half ago, I'm finally about to release my first game: Your Future Self. It's not a traditional adventure game by any means, and mostly uses AC's conversation/dialogue and menu systems (and the amazing visual scripting) as a foundation for a unique kind of game. Visually, it harks back to the aesthetics of text-based adventure games but deliberately tries to subvert your expectations by doing something a bit different.

I want to thank Chris so much for building this amazing tool (and putting up with all my dumb beginner questions over the past year or so). I'd definitely not have been able to build this game without it.


  • I can't yet relate to the feeling of releasing a game but definitely can relate to the asking of many dumb annoying questions to Chris! Congrats, game is definitely unique and interesting.

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