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Vertical movement factor

I'm working on a 2D game, and I can't get the vertical movement factor to work.

In the Settings Manager I have set "Vertical movement factor" to 0.1, and I have also tried to check "Override vertical movement factor " in the Scene manager and set the "Vertical movement factor" there to 0.1, but my character's vertical movement speed is still unaffected (i.e. he walks just as fast vertically as horizontally).

I am using pixel art, and I have set the pixels per unit of my sprites to 1 to be able to easily snap them to grid, which means that my scene is very large relative to Unity's units, and so I've had to set my character's "Walk speed scale" to 75, which is of course a very large number compared to what you would normally enter. I don't see how this should cause a problem with the vertical movement factor, but I thought I'd mention it, in case it should have something to do with this.


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    Please let me know your AC and Unity version numbers. Is this a Player or an NPC? Point-and-click or Direct movement?

    So that I can attempt a recreation, let's see screenshots of your full Settings Manager and Player/NPC Inspector - there are a lot of movement settings to contend with.

    Can I also see a screenshot of the scene itself? Is the perspective such that such a low value is necessary?

  • I'm using AC v1.66.8 and Unity v2018.2.10f1.

    I only have a Player character at the moment, and I'm using Point-and-click movement.

    Here is my Settings manager:

    And here is my Player prefab inspector:

    And no, my scene doesn't need such a low Vertical movement factor value, I just set it to 0.1 to test if it was working. It doesn't affect my character's movement no matter what value I set it to.

  • Ah, it's because you've enabled "Retro mode" on your character.

    This involves a separate movement algorithm, that doesn't currently account for the vertical movement factor. I will look into remedying this for the next release.

  • Thank you! That would be nice :)

  • I just updated to v1.67.0, and now the 'Vertical movement' slider has disappeared from my Settings manager. The 'Override vertical movement' from my scene manager also seems to have vanished?

  • Did you re-assign your game's Managers after upgrading?

    The slider will show so long as your Camera perspective field is set to 2D, and your Moving and turning field is set to Unity 2D or Top Down.

  • Oh right, that's probably it. I forgot to follow the instructions for how to update, so I've got some cleaning up to do. Thanks!

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