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After a Timeline is done thru "Control Timeline: Play", my AC Player is rendered unresponsive.

Using latest AC and Unity. What am I missing?
When control is passed back to Player after a finished Timeline that was called thru Engine:Control Timeline:Play, my Player is no longer controllable thru keyboard or mouse.

Thanks for any suggestion.


  • Please be more specific with your version numbers. With beta and patch releases, "latest" can take different meanings.

    At the bottom of the Settings Manager, enable the AC Status box in the Game Window. What is the state of the game set to when the Timeline has ended? Please also share screenshots of the Action and Timeline.

  • I figured it out, but it's pretty convoluted to reconcile AC + Timeline + CM in the same scene. The single CineMachine page in the AC manual is pretty tight-lipped.
    But now it's working.

  • edited July 2019

    Chris, please consider expanding the Timeline+CM integration page in the manual to clarify stuff a bit.
    The per-scene workflow is sort of punishing to figure out currently.

    OK, I forgot about the neat 9 minute AC+Timeline vid. :) It's cool, and probably too elaborate to condense the gist of it into the manual.

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