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Object Blend Shape transition time more than 1 second?

Hi, I'm trying to make some slow transitions between some blend shapes on my character. When setting the Transition Time to more than 1 second, it does not seem to adhere to longer transition times. When I create an action with a 100 percent value over 10 seconds, it takes the blend shape around 1 second to go to 99.9999something, then slowly goes to 100. This is with linear move method, the other curves have also the same issue.


  • In which versions of Unity and AC, and how many keys are in the group you're affecting? Please share screenshots of the Action, the SkinnedMeshRenderer component, and the Shapeable component, so that I can attempt a recreation.

  • Update: Never mind, recreated.

    Will look into this further, thanks for the alert.

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