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"Move along path" - "NPC's interaction" question


I set my NPC's path, and he walks on this path. If I interact with him while he walking,after it the NPC doesn't continue walking on his path. Any technical suggestion?

Thank you very much!


  • Once the interaction is over, you can use the Character: Move along path Action, setting the Method to Resume Last Path.

  • Thank you very much, it works!

    And do you know solution for that, if the NPC turns to player while speaking, after finish I'd like that the NPC turn to the original rotation transform. I tried to set vector variable and record transform, but I can't see transform action for NPC, only moveable object.

    Can you help me? Thank you:)

  • You can try attaching a Moveable component to your NPC, but it may not work depending on your NPC's movement settings.

    If you don't know what direction to make him face, and want to do it dynamically, you could do it with two Markers. Marker 1 would be a child of the NPC, with a local position of (0,0,1) so that it's always in front of the NPC. Marker 2 would have no parent in the Hierarchy.

    Before the interaction, use Object: Teleport to teleport Marker 2 to Marker 1. After the interaction, use Character: Face object to make the NPC face Marker 2.

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