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continually looping animation (complete background scroll)

Hi all, quick question - apologies if very simple, I am very new.

Unity: 2018.03.0f2
AC: 1.66.4

I am making a 2d point and click at low res want to leverage a 2d parallax background that continuously scrolls/loops independently of the action taking place in the scene to convey movement (the background is sky / mountains behind a plane on which the scene-play takes place, you can see it on the fringes of the screen as you play onboard).

It has nothing to do with the action of the game, and is merely for effect - is this something I should achieve using cameras? or do I need animation or a gif to run? I have a set of screen ready png files/layers to use/loop just not sure if I should be importing a screen-wide animation, or doing it another way?

thanks, gb


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