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Single 'Custom' interaction

I am using the 'Choose hotspot then interaction mode', and I'm using the 'Prefix cursor labels' option to have my hotspot label update dynamically ('Look at book', 'Pick up box' etc.).

I have a hotspot with 'Single Use interaction' checked. This hotspot represents a door to a kitchen, and I named it 'To kitchen'. And so I would like to be able to update the hotspot label to 'Go to kitchen' (or something similar), instead of 'Use To kitchen' as it is now.

Is this possible?


  • This may be a bug. Setting the "Cursor/icon" field in the Hotspot interaction's Inspector should update the Hotspot label.

    What's your AC version?

  • I'm using AC v1.66.8.

    Just to clarify, my Single interaction hotspot DOES update the hotspot label, but it prefixes with 'Use' no matter which icon I set it to.

  • Yes, this is a bug. I'll work on a fix, thanks for the alert.

  • Thanks!

    And just to clarify further: I just realized that if I switch around the order of my interactions in my Interaction menu, my Single interaction hotspot always prefixes with the label of the cursor associated with the FIRST of the interactions in my Interaction menu.

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