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Multiple cursors with same label/name

So, when I set my 'Use interactions' for a hotspot I select the 'Cursor / icon' to be associated with each interaction. This is done from a list of my cursor labels. However, if I have multiple cursors with the same label/name, that label/name only has a single entry in the hotspot interaction cursor list.

The thing is I want all my 'doors' (i.e. hotspots that perform the 'Switch scene' action when interacted with) to be 'Single Use interaction' hotspots with four different cursors (arrow icons) associated with them depending on which direction the given door faces - but these four cursors should all have the same label 'Go', such that e.g. if my door hotspot is named 'To outside', when I point on that hotspot, my hotspot label text should be updated to 'Go To kitchen'.

Is it possible to have multiple cursors with the same label/name show up on the hotspot interaction cursor list, or is it possible to select the associated cursor based on the cursors' ID integers instead of their label strings?


  • Yes, I'll add the ID value in front of the label, i.e.:

    "0: Use"

  • Do you mean it's possible to do so now, or that you'll include it in a future version? :)

  • In the upcoming v1.67.0 update.

    In the meantime, just rename your cursor icon labels so that they appear separately, and you can rename them back afterwards.

  • Great, thanks!

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