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How to use Inventory cursor 'Give syntax'?

I'm using the 'Choose hotspot then interaction' interaction method. Also I'm using Single Inventory interactions, and in my Inventory cursor "When inventory selected" I have selected the "Change cursor and hotspot label". In my Inventory cursor Use syntax I have entered 'Use' and 'with', and in Give syntax I have entered 'Give' and 'to'.

Now when I click on an inventory item it becomes active, and when I hover over a hotspot, my hotspot label is updated to 'Use [item] with [hotspot]'.

But how do I make use of the Give syntax?

Actually I have to sub-questions:
1. How do I make the hotspot label use the Give syntax instead of the Use syntax for a specific hotspot?
2. How do I make so that only specific inventory items cause the hotspot label to use the Give syntax for that hotspot (i.e. if I want to be able to 'Give money to man' but also to 'Use baseball bat with man')?


  • Items can only be "given" to NPCs.

    See the Protip box in the Manual's "Inventory interactions" Chapter. The option to "give" an item as part of an interaction is made available if the Hotspot also has an NPC component attached.

    When using the Inventory: Select Action, you're also given the option to set the selection mode (use/give).

  • Ah okay, thank you!

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