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Unity 2019 support

Now that 2019 is officially released, is it safe to use AC with it?



  • As changes to Unity are still made up to the wire, I still need time to make a thorough check. Initial signs seem OK, though I would recommend caution in the form of backing up your project beforehand.

  • i haven't had time yet to investigate all the (depressingly many, and various) ways in which 2019 has managed to break my other projects, but here's a warning message i'm getting with all of my AC related projects (all these errors come from the same area of code in AC, and get triggered on scene changes. they don't seem to stop anything from actually working though):

  • p.s. ignore that "depressingly many, and various" jibe. i was tired, and grumpy, and although there WERE many different points of failure in some of my non-AC games, it turned out that they all emanated from a single thing, which had worked for years, right up until i installed 2019

    and, when i looked closer, it looked like that thing only used to work by some kind of sheer fluke (the sad sad story of MOST of my code, to be honest) and, when i fixed it, everything was (more or less) working again...

  • For me the build for WebGL is broken on Unity 2019.1.0f2. Various errors

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    @DrBenjamin: Can you share the specific error messages? I get no such issues building to WebGL.

  • None of those are AC-related. They are instead to do with Unity's multiplayer HLAPI.

  • I created a new game setup in Unity 2019.1 and building to WebGL is working.

    Thanks for help!

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    I'm, also having problems with Unity 2019.
    Getting the same warnings as reported in the beginning of this thread. I get this when swithing to a new player (located in the same scene):!Amz_vh8OYDX3u4g15DHRfIOfwTbqJw

    Also when I try to publish (PC is all I have tried) it fails with errors such as these:!Amz_vh8OYDX3u4g0Xk8AkuKmYkBdMA


  • Oh, the errors related to publishing were on my side so please ignore those :blush:

    The warnings is a real thing however :)

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    What/where are the objects referenced, i.e. AuthSpawnableObject and AuthObjPrefab, and is there any apparent problem, i.e. does the player not switch?

    This may be a Unity issue. Do the objects referenced have missing scripts associated with them, as the warnings suggest?

  • Oh, I have never heard of AuthSpawnableObject or AuthObjPrefab before so I just assumed it was AC related. But yes, the switching does work.

    You should get these two if you switch back and forth between two players on the same scene. Let me know if you don't and I can put together a repro :)

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    I don't - but as the objects being referred to are not AC, I'm inclined to think this isn't an AC issue. Again, what/where are the objects referenced, and do they have missing scripts associated with them, as the warnings suggest?

  • in my case (reported towards start of thread), the objects referred to don't actually exist in the scene (or in the project as a whole), so it's impossible to tell if the missing scripts are associated with them

    on a whim, i removed all unwanted packages from the project (so that it just ended up with Package Manager UI, and Unity Timeline), and... the warnings magically disappeared

  • Thanks for the details @HarryOminous. Perhaps the referenced objects are part of packages. Do you recall what packages you removed?

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    hmmm, i can't remember precisely which packages i removed, but i'm pretty sure that it would only have been "InProject" packages, and would have included:

    • TextMeshPro (which i'd already had to remove from the majority of my projects when i upgraded to 2019, because it triggered errors)
    • MultiplayerHLAPI (which, from the wording of the warning messages I was receiving, i kinda suspected as being the culprit)
    • XR Legacy Input Helpers

    i do have those last two included in some of my non-AC projects, without them triggering any warnings (at least so far as i've noticed), and the warnings didn't seem to stop my AC projects from actually working, it's just that you don't want the console flooded with messages that might stop you from seeing ones that actually ARE of interest...

  • In my own testing, MultiplayerHLAPI is the culprit as well. Viewing the objects it mentions does indeed reveal "Missing script" warnings - likely because of a compilation error.

    It's my understanding that this package is not suited for Unity 2019.1. I'm not certain why exactly the errors show while switching AC Player, but so far as I can tell, the error itself is not AC-related.

  • Removing the MultiplayerHLAPI got rid of my warnings as well - nice!

    It is weird though, that at the exact same time they used to show up (the second time I switch to new player), everything freezes for a while so the performance feels very sluggish. Not to bloat this thread I opened up a new one for this related issue:

  • Hey, how's this coming along? As far as I can see there aren't many issues, but I was wondering whether there will be an official package release that supports 2019?

  • The issues above are not AC related. If you have encountered any, please report them.

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