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Animation problem on update.

Hi, I recently updated Adventure Creator and since doing so some animations have a weird artefact where they slide the character a little bit. I took a video where you can see two characters sliding towards each other, first is the guy when he shows the phone then the woman just before she punches him:

Unity Version 2018.3.11f1
AC Version 1.67.4

They don't do this when played from the Animation Editor.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • edited April 2019

    Are you relying on root motion for your character animations? If things were OK before updating AC, what version were you updating from?

    Let's see screenshots of the ActionList involved, and the full Inspector of the character's root object. Are the "pivot points" of the animation frames correct, i.e. between the character's feet?

  • Applying root motion solved it, cheers!

  • This looks cool! Do you draw all the pixels for sprite animation?

  • Thank you! Yes, I did all the in game art.

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