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Adventure creator and Turn Based Fight

Hello, I would like to make a game that at some point the player can have a turn-based fight with some NPCs. The first question is can AC handle such a task? Meaning have a player with specific health walk a specific distance, shoot a weapon, and the press end turn and the NPC fights back in the same manner. Each time there is a hit the health decreases and sometimes the shoot misses.


  • As a toolkit for traditional adventure games, AC is not intended for turn-based fights, or any kind of battle mechanics. You'd need to incorporate custom scripts to handle weapons etc, though things like player health could be stored in variables.

    The "Movement template: Nodes" download has a turn-based example - which again uses script. However, it would be wiser to rely on a separate asset for your fighting - and disable AC during a battle. See the Manual's "Integrating other gameplay" chapter for more.

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