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Bug: return to last gameplay camera works incorrect when the action lists is in assets

Here is my situation: I have created an action list in assets. It is called when the hero examines an inventory item, so the list has to be in assets instead of the scene.

Now I want to switching camera so it shows his face, why not. And it works fine. But at the end of the list I call action "Return to last gameplay" for the camera (in crossfade mode).

And it does switch camera back, but picks a wrong one. It picks the camera which was the last camera the moment when the list was called. In other words, it goes two cameras back, not one.

A bug, right?


  • Thank you for the alert.

    In ActionCameraCrossfade.cs, replace line 53:

    linkedCamera = KickStarter.mainCamera.GetLastGameplayCamera ();


    runtimeLinkedCamera = KickStarter.mainCamera.GetLastGameplayCamera ();
  • It works!

    Thank you, I can happily move on with my game now.

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