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Game Achievements

Dear Chris and all the AC Forum users,
I'd like to create an "Achievements" screen (a Menu?) on my Main Menu (the one you see launching the game or returning back from a in game situation, etc.).

This "Achievements" Menu should contain very simple information:
1- TOTAL TIME PLAYED (since installing the game)
2- TIME PLAYED THIS RUN (since restarting the adventure)
3- COMPLETION OF THE GAME (the % of completion since (re)starting the adventure)
4- EASTER EGGS FOUNDED (I'll have 4, so it should be something like 0/4 - 1/4 ... 4/4)

I'm not sure if AC has anything like that integrated, or if I should use Unity... If so, how?
Regarding the points 1 and 2, I'm not sure how to make them work... I tried to google something, but I don't understand much about it (especially in the possibility to split the total time played since installing the game and on a new run).

Regarding point 3 I guess I can do it with a "Global Variable"? But, aren't the AC global variables affected by load/save? Should I, again, handle that within Unity, creating a variable that is out of AC?

Same thing with the Easter Eggs. Let's suppose I set a Global Variable in AC called "Easter Eggs" found and that variable is increased by 1 each time in game I found one. But what happens if I restart the game? Will that count go back to 0? How can I save it permanently?
How can AC "communicate" with Unity variables and viceversa?

Thanks a lot!


  • You can rely on AC global variables for all 4, but 1) and 2) are best set through script that increases a variable's value by 1 every second.

    A guide to manipulating AC global variables through script can be found in the Manual's "Variable scripting" chapter, as well as the front page of the scripting guide.

    For each variable, set its Link to field to Options Data. This will store its values in PlayerPrefs along with other options fields such as music volume - i.e. independent of save games.

  • Awesome, thanks! Will try!

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