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A blind adventure!

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Hey everyone,

I would like to share with you a small point&click adventure I made.
You play as a blind man trying to figure out what's happening around him with a different play mechanic than in most adventure games.

Try it out!

It's free. Takes ~15min to complete. No download needed - plays in the browsers (computers only).
Make sure to go on FULLSCREEN mode (button on lower right corner) and turn on SOUND.

Would love to hear if you think this mechanic is fun, as well as any other constructive feedback you might have.

Enjoy and thanks for your time and support :-)


  • Novel idea! I did find that the game's window was larger than my screen, however - so I had to pan up/down a lot to catch everything. Full-screening seemed to crop things, so maybe a smaller build resolution is necessary.

  • Thanks for taking the time to check it out!
    I've replaced the build with a smaller resolution one :)

  • Hi. I just had a look. It was fun, thanks.

    If you are looking for constructive feedback - some of the English is a bit off. You spell 'weird' like this, for example. And 'looking' only has 2 o's.

    Also, for me, the introduction was too long. I think you could explain what is going on and get to gameplay a lot quicker.

    I also found that the game was too big for my laptop. I had to scroll up and down a little to access the whole screen.

    Thanks. Carry on!

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