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Clickable menu during dialogue

Is there a way to make a menu button clickable during cutscene dialogue?
I've managed to make said button clickable during cutscene, but not while dialogue is displayed. So if the cutscene has a long dialogue exchange (which I don't want to be in the background since I want the player to control the transition from one text to the next) the button is not clickable...
Any ideas?
Thanks! :-)


  • If you have a working button couldn't you just change the appear type to "When Speech Plays"?

  • The problem is not with 'when' it appears, rather with it being not clickable while speech plays... Only once speech stop being played, can the button be clicked.

  • AC and Unity version numbers? Let's also see a screenshot of the Menu's properties.

    Is your speech skippable? Try unchecking Can skip with mouse clicks? in the Speech Manager so that we can rule out this interfering.

    Are you using the mouse cursor to interact with your menus?

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