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Cannot Play a Build with Opsive TPC

There is some issue with builds when using Opsive's Third Person Controller. Player Start markers don't seem to work and the camera will not move/rotate with Opsive's Camera Controller script.
Oddly, it works perfectly fine in the editor, and functions as it should.
It would be great If somebody could test a playable build using Adventure Creator and Opsive TPC, then I can find out if it's just me or not.


  • Does your character have the AdventureCreatorControllerHandler script attached? That instructs UCC to teleport the player when AC moves the character to a PlayerStart - but UCC/TPC appears to ignore it when the scene starts up. This occurs for me in the Editor, as well as builds.

    Try manually positioning the player at the PlayerStart with an Object: Teleport Action in your scene's OnStart cutscene - that works for me in both.

  • Okay, it seems to have been fixed by replacing all my player prefabs in each scene. Something related to the new prefab system I suppose - I'd replaced them in the project folder, and they were working in the scene (in the editor), but not being included in the build because the instances were different to the prefab... Maybe? I'm not 100% on it in all honesty, but it looks to be a Unity issue rather than AC or UCC.

    By the way Chris, Player Starts do actually work for me. You remember when you suggested adding an extra collider to the root object that has the rigidbody (because UCC has it's capsule collider as a separate game object)? I'm sure that's what sorted it for me. I can also turn the character to face objects. My capsule collider (not on root object) is also tagged as Player (for Emerald AIs to attack), so it could be related to that too.


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