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ENCODYA - gameplay teaser

Out the gameplay teaser of ENCODYA, my game made entirely with Adventure Creator!

Have a look! Any feedback is very welcome!

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Thanks a lot to Chris for his amazing support!


  • This looks fantastic! Love the art style, would love to know what version of unity and shader you're using?

  • very cool, got a bit of a toon "blade runner" vibe going on. lots of interesting background details too

  • Thank you guys!
    @mjbcfc it's pure 2D, so everything in there are pre-rendered sprites! But I'm working now on having 3D characters on 2D backgrounds for better animation transitions and lighter resources (now I've tons of heavy sprites!)

    @HarryOminous yes, the idea is to blend the humor and game style of Monkey Island, in a Blade Runner setting, with the sweetness and creativity of Studio Ghibli!

  • The characters are 2D? Wow, sorry I feel a bit stupid as they look 3D and not sprites at all. Love the look and feel of this game, will keep an eye on development. Good luck!

  • Incredible atmosphere! I was almost expecting to hear "A new life awaits you in the Off-World Colonies" haha.

    Great work all round.

  • Realy great work! Nice humor on the characters and overall style...good composition of lights,great job

  • Thank you everybody!

  • The demo is out! You can get a link to download it by joining the newsletter, here:

  • And since yesterday live on Kickstarter! Please consider a donation to help this game become a reality! THANKS!

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