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"(Clone)" names for components

This is mostly curiosity, but inside my scenes, the names of some components part of ActionLists look like:


The record is one with about 50 such "(Clone)" additions. I'm sure this is harmless (unless the YAML parser starts complaining about line length or something :smile:) but I'd like to know why is that, if possible, as I've also seen code inside AC to replace those with empty strings for some reason...


  • Unity will automatically add (Clone) to a duplicated object's name, so preventing it is a case of renaming objects as this occurs. AC attempts to do this, as you've seen, but there may be erroneous cases e.g. if the GameObject itself is duplicated manually, which AC has no control over.

  • Thanks, I knew about Unity's Clone stuff, my question was more about AC behavior, but I see that it's trying to remove it and failing in some cases then. Good to know, thanks again!

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