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Problem with hotspot labels

I am trying to follow along with the AC tutorial on adapting Unity's adventure game.

I must not be understanding something about Hotspots and labels. I am getting the label when my cursor is not even over the hotspot--just near it.

Have a look:


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    Welcome to the community, @skyser5.

    What are your AC and Unity version numbers?

    The Hotspot label will only show if a Hotspot is selected - so the issue is not so much with the label, but with the Hotspot becoming active in the first place.

    At what mouse position does the "Lasers" Hotspot become selected? Or is the Player's position having an effect? Does the same occur for other Hotspots, or just the one shown in your screenshot?

    By default, Hotspots are selected by hovering directly over them with the mouse, but alternatively it can be based on the player's vicinity to it. See the Settings Manager's Hotspot detection method field. Let's see a screenshot of your full Settings Manager.

  • Thanks @ChrisIceBox for the quick reply!

    Sorry I forgot to include more info. I'm using AC 1.68.1 and Unity 2019.1

    More info:

    Thanks for your help and for a great product!


  • Thanks for the screens. Are there other Hotspots in the market scene that you can test with, or is it inconsistent there as well?

    Since you're relying fully on mouse input, and since the problem seems to be inconsistent, I'm inclined to think this is an issue with the Hotspot itself.

    Though I can't see yet why such an issue would occur, there are two potential factors:

    1. The Hotspot's distance from the screen's centre. The market's door Hotspot should be quite close to the centre, which may be the reason behaviour is better. Try moving the Hotspot around the scene to see if that makes a difference.
    2. The Hotspot's collider is offset some position away from the yellow bounding box. The bounding box should account for any offset in your Box Collider component, but check it's values anyway. Try clearing the Offset values if they're non-zero, and see if that makes a difference.

    Those are just hunches, though. It may be quite difficult to guess the issue, so if neither of the above reveal the cause, you're welcome to create a .unitypackage file of your eight Managers, and the Security scene, and PM it to me.

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