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feature: real-time or every x second variable check for start conversation

I've been enjoying messing with the new component variables but one thing I find is sort of limiting is with the convo system. If you want to build something in playmaker or scripts with variables... a mini game, a killer on the lose that could interrupt the player, etc... seems you can't really do anything with it while conversations are going on besides connect to these things in a turn-based way (because there's never a way to trigger var change recognition besides players selecting a new choice in dialogue and then doing the check.). It would be pretty cool if there was maybe an alternate 'start conversation while checking var' feature so that whatever people want to come up with, we can be sure it could also link in real-time to other gameplay ideas.


  • Actually while I still think it is a good feature, I found how to do this in playmaker (which would be ideal for me anyway since I make a lot of mini game type gameplay there.) If anyone else is interested it's just:

    What's it doing as far as AC is forcing it to run an option in the convo automatically, one that is a hidden option (that's why force is checked since then it will run a hidden option)

    So that way if you had other gameplay going on at the same time as the convo, you can give AI/scripts/mini games/random events access to butt in instead of player only control of what's going on, which I find cool.

  • I'm afraid I don't quite follow what you're asking for. What is it about Conversations that limits other systems running?

    Bear in mind that you can hook into the OnStartConversation custom event to run code at the moment a Conversation is run.

    Conversations can also be treated as gameplay, allowing e.g. player movement as normal, by checking Allow regular gameplay during Conversations? in the Settings Manager. You can start and end your Conversations with the Player: Constrain Action to prevent player movement if necessary.

  • Surely you can achieve this by simply running an ActionList in the background at the beginning of a scene that keeps checking whether a variable is met or not? And if so it will start the conversation?

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