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Trying to rework how to show inventory item names after update 1.68.2. Mouse over item problem.

Hi there. Just updated AC to last version without many problems (I can't move the folder to plugins without having other problems, but is not that bigger need)

I do a lot of unnecessary explaining here, there is a image attached in the end, and it just doesn't do what is supposed to.

After thinking it was a bug, I've seen in the patch notes "get hotspot label" and "get inventory item label" now are separate things so I just assumed that I had to add a new menu to show item names as a "hotspot label".

And that there is a "mouse over" menus that let me show, for example, item properties (like a name, because for other reasons I have the name of the item also in a property), and the source, mouse over item. Thing is, the label just don't appear.

Before, I also made another additional "hotspot label" for showing the name of selected inventory item via the item property name (so that works).

But what I need is to show the name of the item, and that is what is not working.

I don't know how after the change one it's supposed to show the name of the item...


Earlier (1.66 and since the beggining); ** I have a lot of inventory menus (they're mostly the same. Just regular inventory menus, inventory items are buttons, UI layer, all the regular stuff. When I hovered over an inventory item, my regular hotspot label will just show the name of the item (also, a regular hotspot label to appear when on hotspot). Actually to think about it, I don't even know if showing inventory names was a expected behaviour of a hotspot label, but it was fine and was my only way to show inventory items names.
After update from 1.66 to 1.68.2
The hotspot label when hovering over a item just don't trigger off. I've been searching if there has been changes and looks like it as mentioned, and looked like it. I just don't know how to get a "hotspot like" label to show the item's name. Even with the mouse over item - show property (name) approach. Maybe is there a new official approach to that.

The behaving of the Mouse Over menu/label is that it just don't gets On when hovering over the item, while for example the Selected Item/Label actually it gets On and all fine.

the mouse over item menu screenshot:


  • Unity version 2018.3.4f1

  • edited July 2019

    I can't move the folder to plugins without having other problems

    Bear in mind that you will also have to update the Actions folder path in your Actions Manager.

    I've seen in the patch notes "get hotspot label" and "get inventory item label" now are separate things

    Which note exactly are you referring to? Changes made to the Hotspot label system typically should have affected those relying on custom scripting.

    The "Hotspot label" should display inventory item names - not just Hotspots. However, the ordering is important - make sure that the Menu that displays this label is beneath the Menu that contains the items you want it to work with in the Menu Manager.

    If it is at the bottom and there is no change, please share steps on how to recreate the issue from a fresh project using the default interface, as I am unable to reproduce it from these details alone.

  • I changed the order of the menus and now the hotspot label for showing item names works again. I don't know why it worked before then, I didn't change the order before.

    Strange thing, is that the new menu I've done with the mouse over/item propierty logic to show a label, still doesn't not work. But, as I don't need it right now, it doesn't matter. When I have to use it for a proper thing if I found problems I'll investigate.


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