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A question about preloading and starting cutscenes

If I preload the scene but have a starting cutscene in it, should it take over the current scene?
Or will it sit in the memory until I again make a Switch Scene action pointing towards it but this time without preload checkbox turned on?


  • What do you mean by "take over"?

    The OnStart cutscene in the scene being preloaded will have no bearing - the preloading is a Unity operation to load the scene file itself into memory. AC won't do anything with its contents - as you say, it will just sit in memory until a true scene-switch request is made.

  • I have a situation where I preload a scene and it starts immediately , ignoring Engine Wait command.

    I can't post a screenshot right now but this is my Action List: 1) Preload Scene -> 2) Engine Wait 30 seconds -> 3) true Scene Switch to scene from step 1.

    Step 2 never happens, it just goes straight to step 3.

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    If #1 wasn't preloading, but just switching scene, you'd get the same behaviour. Try disconnecting #2 from #3 - what happens?

    If you uncheck the preload option in #1, is Position Player relative to Marker? checked? If so, uncheck it and re-check the preload option.

    You will also need to make sure Load scenes asynchronously? is checked in the Settings Manager.

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    Hi Chris, here are my answers.

    Disconnecting #1 didn't help, the scene still loaded instead of just preloaded.

    Position Player relative to Marker? wasn't checked.

    Yes, Load scenes asynchronously? was checked.

    Because I suspected this is a Unity 2019.3 issue, I tested the same situation in 2018.4 and confirmed that the function works correctly there.
    The scene preloads and stays in memory until I call true Switch Scene.
    Thanks for helping me.. hope the issue gets resolved in the future.
    I'm not sure if Unity did something to their preloading method or is there some other compatibility issue between AC and 2019.3 .. which is a possibility since 2019.3 is still in Alpha.

  • I don't recommend using an alpha Unity release, as AC only supports official releases due to changes and bugs such as this.

    I will look into this further, however - it's not yet clear if this is an error with 2019.3, or an intended change.

  • It's understandable Alpha isn't supported but I wasn't aware that was the cause of the problem until yesterday. I must use it because of some other features but so far, AC has worked flawlessly in 2019.3 :smiley:

  • Which alpha specifically? I cannot recreate such an issue in 2019.3.0a8.

  • Yes, I'm using 2019.3.0a8.

    Thank you for helping me, I also did some extensive A/B testing and found a solution!

    When I add an Engine Wait action (0.5 sec) before preloading the next scene, it doesn't jump straight to it and keeps it in the memory as it should.

    It seems the original scene might not have initialized completely before I started the preload so that "confused" the engine about which scene it should load first?
  • When do you preload the scene? In the original scene's OnStart?

    OnStart should only kick in once the scene is completely loaded, but if there is such an issue it may be Unity-related. It may be worth keeping the wait there to be safe.

  • Yes, the preloading is done in the original scene's OnStart. Glad we have pinpointed the issue :smile:
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