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Problems with Screen Space UI implementation

Dear adventurers, I am trying to re-create the subtitles using Unity UI in Screen Space. It is working but I get two warnings.

  1. The menu 'Subtitles Scrn Space' uses its Canvas for its RectTransform boundary. The RectTransform boundary should instead be a child object of the Canvas.

  2. A local EventSystem object was found in the scene. This will override the one created by AC, and may cause problems. A custom EventSystem prefab can be assigned in the Menu Manager.

For number 1 my UI is a Canvas with a Panel as child and the Panel has two children (text) for Subtitle title and Subtitle text. In my menu I use as Source Unity UI In Scene and have linked the Canvas and the RectTransform as they should be.

Why do I get these?


  • Screen Space Overlay or Screen Space Camera?

    1. Make sure that you assign the Panel child, not the root Canvas, into the RectTransform boundary field. This is necessary so that AC can determine if the mouse is over just the portion of the screen that the UI is visible, and not the whole canvas (which takes up the whole screen).
    2. Unity will auto-add an EventSystem object when you create new UI GameObjects from the toolbar. You should remove this before running the game. As the warning explains, you can override the EventSystem that AC makes by assigning a prefab in the Menu Manager - but this is generally only necessary if you have specific needs.
  • Thank you that solved it

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