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Feature Requests: Graphic variable/propierties type, Change Category, and documents categories.

Hi there! I'm very glad with the last updates with component variables and some parameters stuff with inventory.
I'd like to make some suggestions from my ideal wishlist for development in the next months:

-Action list: Inventory: Change Category.

-Documents having Categories.

-New type of Global/Local/component variable, And Inventory propierty (so they can work togheter too); Graphic. (sprite...)

Thanks for taking it into consideration.


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    I agree about giving documents categories, though changing inventory category can be done at runtime just like any manager field via a script or custom Action. Just right-click the field's label to get an API reference to it.

    As for a "graphic" variable type, things can quickly get sticky once you start referencing assets in variables, due to saving etc. Can you describe the scenario you're looking to achieve here?

  • I'm making a pool of crewmembers that are inventory items. With parameters, it work very well. But if apart from the inventory default graphics they could have graphic parameters, I could assing different graphics for them for various activitivies (a crew roster graphic, a talking portrait, a full body portrait...) then for example, when a Random crewmember talks, His name and correct graphic is assigned to the talking menu, or when the inventory item is looked a roster appears with his full body image.

    This can be done with some adjustments working with only a few crewmembers, (like store different graphics in Expressions on a NPC and save the [expression:x] as [var:x]...fine enought if you are working with a limited number of crewmembers) but the more crewmembers I could want, the more easy will be if just inventory could have graphic parameters that can be sent to temporal global graphics propierties (I used to do this with playamaker because it allows all kind of variables)

    Its a bit like the prefab option for inventory; if graphics were allowed as propierties, the ability for the regular non-programmer user, to make easy creative looks at inventory etc will be great.

    Of course all of this are usually needs beyond a regular Adventure game, so that's why they're just wishlists request.

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    Inventory items can already be assigned properties, including a string type. With this, you can reference different graphic sprite names to be used in a custom script to access the actual sprites.

    Alternatively, the "Linked prefab" field can reference a prefab that's assumed to have a custom script with all the graphic fields assigned in its Inspector.

  • Yes, that's some of the workarounds I usually work with, it's just that it would be much easier if items could have directly graphic variables, for many custom menus etc.

    AC is already a fantastic engine for many non-programmers for making more than strict graphic adventures or fairly complex adventure systems, but personally when I hit the point of having to make custom scripts is when I just have to settle with less or make a workaround.

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