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How to intergrate AC with UCC?

Hello. I am having difficulties, trying to integrate Adventure Creator with Ultimate Character Controller.
I am trying to follow this tutorial, but I don't understand, how I am supposed to do either 2 or 3.

If anyone could lead me in a direction, that would be great!
Thank you in advance!


  • Welcome to the community, @Droll.

    Which tutorial are you following? Do you mean the steps on this AC wiki page?

    Steps 2 and 3 there are one or the other - not both. Both UCC and AC each have their own MainCamera setup - each with their own set of scripts.

    UCC has quite a few, such as Camera Controller, Camera Controller Handler, Aim Assist Handler etc, so it's recommended to start with that and then convert it into an AC MainCamera.

    To do that, you just have to attach AC's own Main Camera component, and tag it as "Main Camera".

    If you need further help, please share details and/or screenshots showing what you have and where the issue lies, so that more specific advice can be given.

  • Hello @ChrisIceBox - Thank you for your answer.
    What component is the AC MainCamera? Do you refer to the component First-person Camera or the Basic Camera?

    Thank you!

  • Neither - those are both GameCameras that the AC MainCamera will typically use as a reference.

    In a normal AC game (without any other system's MainCamera), such components are placed in the scene, and then the AC MainCamera will copy itself onto whichever one is "active". See the Manual's "Cameras overview" chapter for more on this workflow.

    The AC MainCamera component itself isn't normally added manually, since it's automatically added by the Scene Manager. To add it manually to the UCC MainCamera, however, you can find it in the Project window inside /Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Camera/MainCamera.cs. Just drag the script onto the UCC MainCamera's Inspector and it should then just need tagging as "MainCamera" at the top.

  • I finally got it working now - Thank a lot @ChrisIceBox !

  • Any ideas why the TPC doesn't trigger AC triggers ?
    I've tried both rigidbody collision and transform position, but still doesn't work.
    Using Unity 2019.3.0f3

  • @shredingskin If you want a trigger to detect the player, try putting an extra collider on the root character object.
    Or, you can set the trigger to detect a certain object instead (using transform position), where you can specify the capsule collider that the UCC player has.

    This is because the collider is on a separate, child object to that the UCC (and AC) player components are on.

  • It works.
    Many thanks.

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