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Milkmaid of the Milky Way - Nintendo Switch

Today I launched my first ever console game, Milkmaid on the Milky Way on the Nintendo Switch. It's made with Adventure Creator, and it's the game that launched my indie career. I'm now working on a new game (also done in Adventure Creator), and I want to give a huge shoutout to Chris for creating this wonderful asset and continuing to expand and develop it!

If you have a Switch and like 90's style adventures, please give it a look:
Nintendo eShop page


  • Congrats on the release! I'm sure many would be interested in hearing more about any experience you can share about porting to the Switch.

  • Unfortunately a lot of the aspects of a console released is protected by NDAs, so I can only share general experiences.
    There are quite a few aspects to consider when doing a Switch release. I used the Rewired asset to map the controls of the game to the different control configurations. You also need to rewrite the save system, as ACs own does not work out of the box. The process of a console release is a lot more involved than a PC/mobile release, so a good understanding of technical considerations, marketing/publishing, testing procedures, memory management/file access is important. I've learned a lot, and it's been a great experience so far. But be prepared for a LOT of work if you consider a console release! It's cool to see that AC has been working really well in my project, so it's definitely possible to create console games with Adventure Creator!

  • Hey Machineboy, I have a switch dev kit and license, just curious did you use Unity plugin Rewired to get the controls working with the switch?

    With the 3DS the controls just worked when it compiled. With the Switch, it seems to ignore the controls and touchscreen (the game is built in AC and is a MacVenture so first person point click). Before the dev kit arrived had the game compiling and running fine on the emulated environment but soon as I put it on the switch no controls worked.

  • Yes, I used Rewired for mapping the cursor control and clicks to the controls. It was quite a lot to set up, definitely not a plug and play solution. I had to use a custom script to switch between Keyboard & Controller and Touch Screen controls. I would ask the Rewired support any rewired questions, and also use the Nintendo developer portal for tips or help (most of this would probably fall under NDA).

  • Didn't know you created this with AC, impressive!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this game, and the rhymes must've taken you ages to write! :)

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