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Feature Request: Grouping actions in action lists

It would be great if we could group actions like it's possible in shadergraph. This would especially help in huge actionlists.
What do you think? :)


  • For what purpose, exactly? Can you elaborate on what benefit you're looking for?

  • Sorry I have totally missed your reply. As it is right now there are basically two options for “structuring” ALs:
    1. Using sub-actionlists, which gets really confusing once there are several layers (in our case we have a scene selection action list, that calls a scene specific actionlists for the initialization, which then calls other additional actionlists to Setup characters... and so on.
    2. Using bigger actionlists with colored actions, leads to huge actionlists where you have to zoom out to get a better overview, but then again it’s hard to see what parts are doing what.

    By grouping several nodes together with a title (see shadergraph) we could see at the first glance, the logical structure of an action list (initialization, setup, etc.)

    Even better would be to move to the graph view that is used by shadergraph and vfx graph, as it’s super performant, (ac action lists get unusable with more than 50 action while we can have 1000 nodes in shadergraph.) and already has all the functionality like grouping and sticky notes.
    This repos here might also be an interesting resource:
  • Thanks for the feedback.

  • Thank you for this wonderful product! Our game wouldn't be possible without you!

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